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As an organizational developer, I have been designing team interactions in transformation projects for over 12 years. With my Learning Journeys, my podcast and my books, I support leaders in personal development on the path to improve their work and career. 

My attitude

Welcome to my site!

The questions surrounding the future of our working world have occupied me for a decade. For just as long, I’ve been moving deep into project worlds of startups, organizational development with medium-sized companies and corporations. And with my sleeves rolled up in front of groups with a wide variety of tools in workshop formats. Because I’m interested in answers to how the workplace of tomorrow will be run – and to do that, it’s essential to try out, discuss, and adapt methods. That’s why I see myself as a “Craftsman for New Work”.


Your challenges?

The demands on corporate leadership grow with every crisis and increasing complexity. Are these also your challenges?

Rethink work?

Hybrid work models, AI and new work methods are changing how we work. How do you master the apparent chaos of these complex project environments?

Rethink Leadership

Which methods are the right ones for implementation in transformation projects? Which strategies fit the company and how can leaders prepare ideally for them?


Transformation and stress

Many employees are increasingly stressed by the dynamic demands of an agile work environment. How do teams develop the necessary resilience in the face of high pressure to change?



As an Organizational Designer and Agile Coach, I stand for ways of working with a focus on team and customer centricity.

Personal Development

Success in transformation work always means self-leadership. As an experienced coach, I support teams and leaders in this process.


As a certified Product Owner and Scrum Master, I help you navigate the most complex project environments. Stop starting, start finishing.

New Work

More transparent forms of collaboration and equal distribution of knowledge, means following the New Work principles. I show you how to reinvent your organization.


My experience in developing and facilitating workshop formats ranges from working with students at universities to corporate departments and large groups of 200 people to leadership rounds and boards of directors. Here is a look into my toolbox:

Workshops for ideation

The number of ideas developed in my ideation and creative formats runs into the thousands. These include ideas for tourism services for entire German states, innovations for electric mobility for car manufacturers, business models of the future for energy suppliers and product ideas for startups.

Agile Transition Workshops

Basics of agile project management according to Scrum and answers to questions about scaling agile project structures.

Coach for startups in accelerator and incubator programs

Coaching for accelerator and incubator programs. Focus on sales coaching and acquisition training. Answers to questions on customer acquisition, negotiation of contracts, inbound and growth hacking strategies, sales funnel optimization, sales automation.

International in-house conference formats

Development of the supporting program, opening and closing games, moderator and host.

Teambuilding and leadership trainings

Strengths and competencies analysis with the careerhero typology I developed with the New Work Heroes. Visioning and definition of team values. Organization of team retreats, events and learning journeys.

Strategy workshop for the annual planning

Coaching for accelerator and incubator programs. Focus on sales coaching and acquisition training. Answers to questions on customer acquisition, negotiation of contracts, inbound and growth hacking strategies, sales funnel optimization, sales automation.

Sales training for Germany-wide branches

Development of suitable learning formats, group exercises and lectures, organization and implementation of the training as well as introduction of the OKR method on employee, team and executive level.

How I work

Overview of methods and tools with which I work successfully:

1) Stacey Matrix as orientation which method is useful in which company context. 2) Model for transformation resilience as a basis for the question of how teams develop the ability to master conflicts and crises. 3) Design Thinking process for the development of new products and services. 4) Flight Level Model for scaling agile teams.


For the global brand with the three stripes, I provide support in the group’s own Agile Maturity Program.

Since November 2019, I have been supporting the product teams from the Customer Experience & Commerce division in Herzogenaurach and Gurgaon for the Group’s Future of IT project.


Work with students at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

In 2016-2020, I prepared first-year students for the working world of the future. With a four-part workshop, several exercises and a lot of time for personal exchange, the students got to know themselves and each other better. 


Connecting Coworking Space Owners from Europe

For this special gathering of over 30 European Creative Hub Managers under the auspices of the British Council, I designed a three-day workshop and learning journey in 2017.


Design Thinking Workshop in Hamburg

For the northern based aerospace company, I supported in an ideation workshop for their new headquarters in Hamburg-Finkenwerder on behalf of design for human nature.

Customer testimonials

During the last 12 month, Jörn Hendrik supported us not only in enhancing our business abilities to create new business models, products and services. He also helped us to create and strengthen a working environment, which helps people to grow. Therefore, he focused on working on personal relationships first and methods and rituals second, which increased as a result our customer centricity as well as our innovation capabilities. Within all that, Jörn Hendrik always faces people with honesty and respect. Jörn Hendrik is a great facilitator, a trustworthy coach and an energetic driver of change and innovation!

Dr. Stefan Gladbach

Leader Digitale Plattformen / eMobility & Content Marketing, Yello Strom GmbH

Jörn brings in the most authentic and easiest way new focus, energy and spirit into teams by deep and trustful engagement with leaders and its team members. This allows him to introduce new thoughts and ideas to support teams when they unfold their potential to become empowered high-performing teams. When working with him, he showed high social skills to work with very culturally diverse teams – creative, collaborative and open-minded.

Anja Laubscher

Director Transformation Office, adidas AG

Jörn Hendrik was one of the Agile Coaches assigned to a VW project, where he played a critical role in supporting the setup of the MOD4 Neo project. He led two teams on Scrum and worked closely with other coaches to ensure that best practice was shared among teams and process was followed symbiotically. He is a great communicator, his skills for organization and understanding people were a perfect match. He really knows how to get people on side and is a great team player.

Daniela Buburuzan

Programm Managerin, Volkswagen AG


I am a certified Product Owner and Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance) and trained in the LeSS method, have been working with methods such as Design Thinking and Service Design for six years, mentor startups in various accelerator programs and advise as an expert in Social Recruiting, New Work and Sales.

Agile Coach for the Agile Transition project “Future of IT” in a scaled agile environment with 300 teams (12/2019-dato).

Agile Coach for SuedOstLink large scale project to design and build agile working model in scaled environment. (08/2022- date)

Agile Coach for the Digital Platforms cluster and its four associated teams in a scaled agile environment. (08/2020-08/2021)

Agile Coach for Volkswagens agile transition in MOD4/ID3 project for new series of electric vehicles in an international scaled project environment. (04/2018-06/2019)

Germany-wide sales training for 16 stores, team building, inbound sales funnel development, leadership coaching (10/2016-10/2021).

Freelance Scrum Master, Shadow Coaching (04-08/2017)

Digital Reputation Management Coaching for group-wide division heads (11/2016, 09/2017)

Team coaching for the Berlin based team in the areas of non-violent communication and personality development. (09/2022-dato

Partner / Network


Through my work as a Craftsman for New Work, I became an author and founder of a publishing company. As CEO of New Work Heroes GmbH, I develop books and courses for today’s career orientation. I enjoy speaking on conference stages and guest lecturing at universities. In my weekly podcast, I speak to the career orientation of work today and interview interesting New Work players.


Moderation and development of creative tools for the international group-wide HR conference (09/2016 Berlin, 09/2017 Berlin)


With my heart project, New Work Heroes, I founded a publishing company in December 2016 and have published several books.


As a guest lecturer and expert, I hold seminars – among others at the FU Berlin, the Frankfurt School of Finance and the Macromedia University.


Contact me today to work with you to find new ways to approach New Work.


Jörn Hendrik Ast
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